Hit'n'Mix RipX: DeepCreate DeepRemix

Hit'n'Mix RipX: DeepCreate DeepRemix, Audio Editor (Download), New AI based creative editor tool for recording and editing audio, MIDI MPE data, Recording in different layers without the need to distinguish between MIDI, or Numerous remote controllable automatable effects options, Easy addition of further via or drag drop, exchange or merging of vocals, instruments etc. opens up, Unimagined new sonic possibilities sound designers minds, reworking


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VSL Fazioli F308 Standard Library

VSL Fazioli F308 Standard Library, Virtual Concert Grand Piano (Download), With a length of cm this concert grand piano is the world's largest provides a powerful sound extraordinary harmonic clarity due to of strings, A fourth pedal, located to left of three traditional ones, lowers keyboard raises hammers closer to thereby lowering volume without changing tone colour, specially designed, precise robot recorded in Stage A of Synchron Vienna, Five


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Polyverse Music Supermodal

Polyverse Music Supermodal, Filter Plugin (Download), Dual filter effect with classic 24 dB oct. state variable and innovative filter, Both filters allow smooth crossfading between each other as well as characteristics, Modal 9 models in 3 variations each, State pass, high band Adjustable overdrive at input of output of Extensive modulation possibilities via four slots, sources Meta Knob, MIDI CV, Sequencer LFO, Random Generator, Envelope Follower


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IZotope RX PPS 7 UG RX 1 8 Advanced

iZotope RX PPS 7 UG RX 1 8 Advanced, Software Bundle (Download)*Upgrade from RX 1 8 to RX Post Production Suite 7*@ @ , Ideal for audio restoration, mixing and post production@ @ *Bundle contains:*@ @ , RX 10 Neutron 4, Nectar 3 Plus incl, Celemony Melodyne 5 essential, Insight 2, Dialogue Match, Relay, Tonal Balance Control 2, Exponential Audio Stratus 3D, Symphony 3D


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MIA Laboratories 980 SPARK

MIA Laboratories 980 SPARK, Multi Effect Plug In (download), Easy to use effect chain consisting of compressor, preset EQ and saturation effect, Compressor with simple parameter detector path modelled on an analogue envelope circuit, Colour 6 different EQ curves for sound colouration, Saturator offers 6 characteristics to choose from


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Native Instruments Komplete 14 Standard

Native Instruments Komplete 14 Standard, Plug In Bundle (Download), Complete suite for music production, consisting of 87 instruments effects plus 38 expansions with a total of over 43000 sounds, Seamless integration Maschine Kontrol keyboards, Includes 25.00 EUR voucher the online shop as well as a ""Buy any plug in"" worth 29.99 use in Plugin Alliance shop@ *Includes many such as:*@ @ , Kontakt 7 software sampler a huge range of functions, Playbox


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Klevgrand Pana

Klevgrand Pana, Panning Plugin (Download), A sophisticated stereo tool that provides more natural audio positioning compared to traditional balance panning, Works with a combination of delay filter effects, Variable head size for individual adjustment of the effect, Adjustable low pass on opposite channel, Crossover in bass keeps lows in centre, Button checking mono compatibility, Correlation meter to phase position, lock to control when browsing


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IZotope RX PPS 7 UG 1 5

iZotope RX PPS 7 UG 1 5, Software Bundle (Download)*Upgrade from RX Post Production Suite 1 5 to RX 7*@ @ , Ideal for audio restoration, mixing and post production@ @ *Bundle includes:*@ @ , RX 10 Advanced, Neutron 4, Nectar 3 Plus incl, Celemony Melodyne 5 essential, Insight 2, Dialogue Match, Relay, Tonal Balance Control 2, Exponential Audio Stratus 3D, Symphony 3D


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MIA Laboratories Musiqual Super Bundle

MIA Laboratories Musiqual Super Bundle, Plugin (Download), Contains Fat, Thin and Muscle as well as the three semi parametric single band EQs Blue, Green Red for colouring distorting signals, busses entire mixes., maximises low frequencies, enhances silky highs without harsh timbres, increases perceived loudness presence compression, delivers Class A sound, clean transistor character of a tube circuit, Musically selected frequency bands matching


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Steinberg Cubase Pro 12

Steinberg Cubase Pro 12, Audio MIDI Sequencer (DAW) (Download), Classic sequencer software and audio workstation for professional studio applications post production, composing arranging as well as ambitious home recording, Unlimited number of audio, instrument tracks, 256 group channels, 8 send 64 return Max. physical inputs outputs, Up to 16 insert effects per max. 64 independent VST instruments, engine with 64 floating point processing up to 192


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